Statistics on

A few weeks ago I decided to start collecting some statistics on Google Analytics gave me some basic interaction statistics but I wanted to delve deeper into how people were playing the game.

On average, 1,000 people play the game every day. Most answers come in between 7am and 9am and the second most between 7pm and 9pm. I was surprised to see that even during the early hours of the day 2am - 4am, activity does not stop. I guess people enjoy playing the game if they cannot sleep or maybe players who are working night shifts?

The majority of the games are solved in either 4 or 3 guesses and 9% of the games ended without the correct guess.

Unsurprisingly, the most common starting word is KELMA (8%) with WERQA (3%) and MEJDA (3%) being the second most common.

I also decided to gather some statistics on what words people type that are not in the dictionary. The top offenders are HASEL, ĦAWEL, XELTI, GMIEL and ŻMERĊ.

The first few are obviously spelling mistakes, however I did find some words which were not in my dictionary; such as: PASTA, BINTI, ĠOBNA, MONTI, ĠAĦAN, ĊERTU and ĊOMBA. The dictionary source I am using is Ġabra from the University of Malta. After I gather some more and filter out the spelling mistakes I intend to submit these to the dictionary. I may even be wrong and some of these words might not even be valid in Maltese, we'll see.

From the demographics side of things, during the last 28 days, US, UK, Italy and Belgium ranked the highest visits after Malta.

OS and browser-wise, Android and Chrome win the race, with a staggering 80% of usage coming from mobile devices:

One last interesting fact that I noticed is that people prefer to play using the web browser rather than the app. Only 163 devices have the app installed on Google Play Store. In reality, the app in the Play Store is just a PWA wrapper around the app so I can see why there would be no need to download the app.

Anyways, I am really glad people are enjoying